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I Have Heard The Mermen Singing Part 1

The sting of the ocean spray in his nose jolted Will awake. Slowly, he became aware of his surroundings: the roar of the surf, the wash of the water against his half-submerged body, the grit of the sand against his back. Confused, he pulled himself up into a sitting position to take stock of his situation.

He was on a beach. Will, his head starting to clear, noted that this was odd, as the last thing he remembered doing was scuba diving. He was also completely nude, also odd, as he was certain he’d had a wetsuit on.

The warm water was lapping up against his balls and felt good, making his dick start to get hard. Will pulled stood up, looking around. The area didn’t seem to have any kind of development, which was odd. He had come down to Cozumel to go cave diving, and the beaches were filled with high-rise apartments and hotels. There were no signs of civilization to be found.

“Hello?” he called out. “¿Hola? ¿Hay alguien aquí?” His Spanish was atrocious, really only good for ordering piña coladas at the hotel bar. Really didn’t matter, he realized. There was no one to hear his call.

“Where the hell am I?” he muttered to himself. He needed to find where he was and get some help, even if he was buck naked. Turning to his right and brushing the sand out of the crack of his ass, he began to walk down the beach, scanning constantly for any hint of other people.

He had been walking for what seemed like an eternity. The beach curved around to his left, as if he were on an island. The scenery never changed. On one side was a thick jungle or forest, and the other was the deep blue of the cloudless sky meeting the deep green of the ocean.

The walk had one other effect: as Will searched for help, he remembered more and more of what had been transpired before he woke up. He had been cave diving, all right. He didn’t have much experience with this subspeciality of scuba diving, but he was with an expert divemaster, plus he’d had two previous dives since getting his certification. However, an unexpected current separated him from the group, and Will soon found himself alone in a maze of underwater passages. Disoriented, he didn’t know which way was the route to safety, as he’d become disconnected from the safety line.

As he tried to get out, he only succeeded in going deeper and deeper, using more and more air from his tank. With his gauge going deep in the red and the dive computer flashing warnings at him, he came to the realization that he was going to die down there, alone and in the dark. As he drew the last life-sustaining breaths from the tank, he could feel the world slipping away. This was it. Thrity years was all he was going to get but at least he’d be unconscious when he drowned.

Next thing he knew, he was on a mystery beach in his birthday suit with the ocean slapping at his nuts. One thing was for certain: he was going to have one hell of a vacation story to tell when he got home.

Then, in the distance, Will’s attention was caught by what appeared to be the first person he’d seen since waking up. The man was sitting on a rock that jutted out into the water, he back turned. “Hey!” Will shouted, waving his arms. “Hello!?”

The man did not acknowledge Will’s shouts, so he started running toward the figure. “Hey, mister! ¿Habla inglés?” Will came to an abrupt stop about five feet from his would-be savior as the man slowly turned and smiled at him. Will almost did a double take. The man wasn’t just attractive, he was fucking gorgeous!

He seemed to be wearing some kind of red shiny tights, which covered his butt cheeks and left nothing to the imagination. His torso was heavily muscled, angling down from his broad shoulders to his slim waist in a V shape. Each muscle in his back and his arms were massive and well-defined, giving him a bodybuilder’s physique that would be the envy of any Mr. Universe. His face was framed by cascade of dark black, shiny hair, which flowed down over his shoulders and back. In front, the ends of his hair tickled the pencil eraser-like nipples on the massive slabs of flesh that were his pectorials.

To his surprise, Will’s dick jumped to attention as their eyes locked. Deep, dark and piercing, the man’s eyes seemed to drill straight through Will’s soul on a direct route to his penis. Inflating to his usual seven inches when at full mast, Will head began to spin.

“Uh, hello,” Will stammered. “I’m… uh… Will… Do you speak English?”

The man just smiled. “¿Habla inglés? No?”

The smile continued, as he cocked his head slightly. To Will’s surprise, ideas suddenly appeared in his head, namely that the man couldn’t speak, but was very pleased to see that Will was awake. “Wait,” Will said. “How did you…?”

Another concept materialized in Will’s brain. The man was very attracted to Will and was getting aroused. He looked down at Will’s crotch and smiled even more, licking his lips. Somehow, Will was aware that the man wondered if Will was feeling the same way. “Yeah,” Will mumbled. “You’re pretty hot.” He shook his head. “Where did that come from?”

The man reached out to Will, as an invitation to come closer entered his mind. Will hesitantly stepped forward and slowly sat down on the rock next to the man. The man slowly and tenderly leaned forward and pressed his lips against Will’s. Will opened his mouth as he closed his eyes, feeling the man’s tongue cross the threshold of his lips and begin to explore his mouth. There was something odd about the texture of the tongue now probing Will’s mouth, but the euhphoric feeling that was washing over him pushed that curiosity down under the surface.

Internally, Will struggled with the sensations that he was experiencing. He wasn’t gay! He liked girls! So why was this feeling so… right?! The kiss became deeper and deeper and Will, without really realizing it, reached down to feel the man’s ass. Another oddity briefly flashed though his mind, as the spandex of the man’s tights had an unusual texture, and there didn’t seem to be a waistband. Again, the ecstasy that was cascading through Will’s body made this only a passing flash of “that’s odd”.

The man finally released from the kiss and pushed Will’s shoulder’s down, forcing him to lie on his back. Before Will could say anything, the man had taken Will’s shaft in his mouth, burying his face in Will’s pubes. Will’s back arched as the man’s ministrations began to drive him to higher and higher levels of arousal. The man reached behind Will and began to probe his hole with a finger while massaging his testicles with the other hand. Will’s mind began to spin in circles as the pressure built up beyond levels that he’d ever expereinced in any blowjob he’d ever received.

The man’s head bobbed faster and faster up and down Will’s dick. Will wanted to beg for release, but could only struggle to articulate a strangled cry. Finally, the dam broke and Will exploded with a fountain of cum blasting out from the head of his dick. The man eagerly gupled down the salty fluid, which filled his mouth faster than he could swallow. The jizz oozed out of the man’s mouth as Will continued to pump out the fluid. The pulses from Will’s cock began to slow, and the man pulled back, leaving the member bobbing with the last few spurts of semen.

Before he could recover his breath, Will felt as if a lightning bolt stuck his dick, electrifying his entire body. Will’s muscles tensed as the energy began to course through his nervous system. New colors and sounds flooded his sight and hearing as he began to spasm. Will felt strange sensations in his legs as his skeletal system began to melt and reform. Struggling to look down at his legs, Will saw his legs flow together and elongate, slimming as his feet began to recede from the core of his body. His feet began to reshape themseleves into long tubes of flesh, with a webbing supported by new thin bones between them.

His skin began to change as the hairs on this legs flattened into plate-shaped scales, overlapping and changing hue. A wave of bright, deep blue flowed up what was his legs, stopping just above his crotch. Will could feel new sensations in his chest cavity as the alveoli in his lung melted and reformed into gill tissue. He could feel slits opening in his skin along his rib cage, dilating and contracting to try to pull enough oxygen in. The conversion of skin to scales continued up his torso and across his arms, with these new scales taking on the tone of his skin.

Under that skin, his musclature began to expand and inflate. He could feel the muscles getting larger and larger, pullilng on his sinews and tendons. His chest grew to larger and larger as his pectorals went from normal to gigantic slabs of meat. His arms ballooned, his biceps puffing up to enormous proportions. His collarbone began to crack and grow, widening his shoulders to accomodate his new phyisique.

Will’s ears began to tingle and feel prickly. He reached up to feel what was going on, only to find they were elongating and converting to fins, not unlike the ones he now noticed the man had. He also felt fine bones erupting from his forearms and spine, with a webbing between them like the one at his feet.

Startled, Will stumbled back onto the beach. The surf crashed over him, flooding his new gill slits with sea water. A wave of relief washed across him, as he was able to breathe and wasn’t feeling the anxiety of asphixiation. A new sensation attracted his attention, drawing his gaze down to his cock. A slit had opened and felt his genitals being drawn inside. To Will’s horror, his penis and testicles disappeared in the slit as it contracted to a tiny little hole. With this final transformation complete, the overstimulation of Will’s nervous system ended.

Will tried to scream, but could only manage a few feeble squawks. His eyes widened in horror at his inability to articulate. He looked in desparation to the man for an explanation of what just happened. The man smiled.

I know, you’re scared, Will could hear in his mind. I was frightened when it happened to me. Will kept trying to speak, but could only make strangled noises. You can’t speak, the mental voice said. Your vocal cords are atrophied and non-functional. Just think what you want to say. Imagine planting it directly in my mind.

What the fuck just happened to me? Will managed to project.

I’m sorry, but it was necessary for you to survive here. You won’t be able to stay above the surface in this world for long, the man projected.

Will shook his head in confusion. “This world”? What does that mean? Who are you?

The man smiled again. You can call me “Red”. It’s short for “Red to Green”. We use the color of our tails as our names. You’re going to be “Blue”.

That’s not my name, Will insisted. My name is Will.

You may call yourself whatever you like. When you project, I’ll hear “Blue”, Red projected. You’re a merman now. It’s the only way to survive. The only other option was for you to die in that cave, alone and in the dark.

You… You know about that? Will asked. How do you know about that?

Red smiled and tapped his forehead. It’s all part of being telepathic. We don’t have secrets from each other here.

A tsumani of images and sensations crashed into Will’s mind. Red’s service on an American submarine in World War II. The water rushing into the engine room as it was struck by Japanese depth charge in 1943. Red passing out, realizing he was going to die, only to wake up on a beach. Red’s transformation. Meeting hundreds of mermen. Feeling an urge to come to this beach and find Will. Will jumped as if a gun had been fired behind him. What was that? he screamed in his mind.

I told you, Red projected. We have no secrets. You see what happened to me.

Fuck… Will projected. Am I dead?

No, I don’t think so. I think something brought us here just before we could die.

Will thought for a moment, processing all this information. Wait a minute, he thought. What happened to my junk?

You noticed that, did you? Red projected. We’re mermen, not human. We don’t usually have penises, and your testicles are internal.

Usually? What does that mean?

Red smiled. You’ll find out. I’ll show you.

Wait, Will said. I didn’t see any mermaids in those memories you gave me.

That’s because there aren’t any. We’re all male.

What? Will thought. No, no, no! No way, dude! I’m not gay!

You are here, Red told him. Think about it. Deep down, you know you are.

Will considered what Red had just told him. Somehow, just as he knew that his new tongue had venom sacs to allow him to stun prey and that his new muscles were to provide protection against water pressure at great depths, that he was now attracted to males. He could not even conceive of atrraction, much less sex, with females any longer. Visions of penises flooded his mind and Will felt a familiar tingling where his groin used to be. He began to feel a need for relief, but a frustration at being unable to achieve it.

Damn, I’m getting horny! Will thought. How am I supposed to jerk off? Where’s my dick?

Red pitched forward and flopped into the surf. He swam around the rock and surfed up next to Will. Come with me, he projected. I’ll explain and show you everything you need to know about your new life.

Will hesitated. He really didn’t see any alternative, but he still wasn’t sure. Red seemed to sense his indecision. He lunged forward, pressing his lips against Will’s. Red’s tongue worked its way into Will’s mouth, and Will gave in, returning the kiss. Red grabbed the back of Will’s head and pulled him in. Another wave crashed over the two mermen, saturating Will’s new gills with life giving water.

Will broke free of the kiss, holding Red’s face in his hands. Smiling, he projected to his new friend.

Last one in’s a rotten egg.

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